Tixall Gatehouse – 22/01/2019

I’ve got a little list on OneNote that consists of various potential photo locations. They span from local options to places abroad. Despite listing places in Portugal, Spain, Germany and my home city of Nottingham, Tixall Gatehouse was one of the places I was looking forward to visiting the most.

Mary Queen of Scots was once held here as a prisoner for 2 weeks and if you wanted to, you could decide to stay here for a few nights at a fairly reasonable price! Not sure if you’d want to, mind. People of supernatural beliefs reckon it’s haunted…

The only issue with trying to take photos of the Gatehouse is the fact that it’s on private land. To my knowledge, you can take photos of private property so long as you’re on public land, but that’s as far as it goes. Taking photos on private land without permission is illegal. Therefore, I stood back from the fence to this place and tried to do as well as I could. I sensibly chose to use my Nikon D5300 on this one but whilst I was on Aperture priority, I let myself down a bit. I could’ve got a far larger depth of field if I wasn’t so pre-occupied with trying to work out if I could go through the gate in front of me to take pictures from different angles.

I’ll return sometime in the future to take better shots, but I still love this and the couple of others I kept from this little visit.

tixall gatehouse bw

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