I’ve spent a lot of time lately, looking through various different photographer’s work, in the end coming to the conclusion that I like motion blur. I’m normally decent with words, but I struggle to really describe what I personally think blur adds to the correct photo.

Thankfully though, my girlfriend’s two cats have assisted me on this with a great opportunity here to explain myself a little bit. Millie (that’s the cat on the other side of the window) has recently worked out a new way to get back into the house after her daily adventures. I’m still not 100% sure on what her method is, but she ends up at one of the upstairs windows at the front of the house and simply screams until she’s allowed in.

On this occasion, having heard the racket, Elvis was shocked into a curious leap onto the windowsill, thus creating this lovely moment. To me, the blur adds another dimension to this photo because as her face is the main part with any blur on it, it represents Millie’s desperation to get back into the warmth again. Elvis leaning into the crack of the window, appearing to try and open it to let his sister in adds another sweet little element too. Or at least I think so.

Critiquing is welcomed!

The photo was taken on my Sony RX100.

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