Welcome to my blog. This site is solely for my photography and I’ll be posting full galleries, diary style, from every day I use my cameras.

I currently own a Sony RX100 and a Nikon D5300. I don’t have any additional lenses at the moment as I’m still very much in the process of learning. I’ve not been taking photos properly for long either but photography on the whole is rapidly becoming my main hobby. My biggest loves are football grounds and the surrounding areas. There are so many examples of narrow depths of field that focus so much on the players, but the grounds and the scenery are part and parcel of the experience of going to the football and shouldn’t be ignored. So that’s my main interest, but I also love seeing what I can snap while simply walking around.

Photography has enabled me to ease my anxiety by taking in my surroundings more and doing my best to make what’s around me as beautiful and memorable as possible. I suppose it’s a little bit like mindfulness…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the content!