Stafford Town v Redgate Clayton – 19/01/2019

I’ve been to Stafford Town now on 4 or 5 occasions, but my girlfriend had yet to go. After our recent visits to Brocton and AFC Bridgnorth, this visit to Evans Park was our final visit to decide which club we wanted to pick as ‘our’ local non-league side.

I’ll be honest, I prefer football grounds of a more traditional variety and Evans Park feels a bit clean and bare for my liking. That said, the football this season has been entertaining and the people behind the club are great. It’s a very welcoming club and despite my opinions on the ground, I always enjoy a trip down there!

This gallery consists of 4 photos taken on my Sony RX100 (the first 4) and 30 from my Nikon D5300. It’s probably one of my best attempts since getting into photography properly as a hobby.

AFC Bridgnorth v Hereford Lads Club – 05/01/2019

At the time of taking these photos, my girlfriend and I were in the process of looking for a non-league club to follow. The criteria? They had to be local. That meant they needed to be a club located in Staffordshire, Shropshire or Derbyshire at a push.

So, off we went to Bridgnorth! A lovely Medieval Shropshire town just the other side of Telford from us. These photos were taken on both my Sony RX100 and Nikon D5300.